C Section Deliveries at All-Time High in US

C section deliveries now constitute a third of all birth in the US. This rising trend can also be seen in developing countries. Amnesty International have called the increase in cesarean sections a maternal health care crisis. The World Health Organization says that only 15% of c section births are actually necessary. Is the litigious nature of American society and doctors fear of lawsuits the reason for the extra 15%, or is it the profit driven model of US health care?


Or is it the expectant moms who want a c section to plan the birth date or for some other reason? Tell us what you think.


Our Belly Binder

This video demonstrates our postpartum Hem It In Belt. It can be worn immediately after vaginal birth or 2-3 weeks after cesarean birth. Wearing the binder helps your tummy shrink and protects your incision.

Using belly binding supports your organs to go back to their original size and location. Bladder, intestinal and reproductive complications can arise from a c-section or other abdominal surgeries. The support of binding means less tearing, which means less scar tissue, inside and out. Less scar tissue means more comfort and fewer secondary complications and a better looking scar.

With belly binding you can avoid the tearing and infections that lead to possible abdominal adhesions, painful periods, and a lumpy  c section scar.



Putting on the C Section Recovery Belt in the Hospital

We were very fortunate to have Maria to work with to make our videos, this is the day after her cesarean delivery. In this video, Christina puts the bikini belt on Maria and helps her out of bed for the first time. Just in case you are wondering Maria is not an actress, she is a regular working mom. This was not her first c section, but it was her first time wearing the belly binder belt, her face says it all!


Our C Section Recovery Bikini Belt

This video displays our uniquely designed C Section Recovery Bikini Belt and how easy it is to put on, even in the hospital as we see here. With our soft comfy belly binder you will move with ease and comfort, reduce your pain and swelling and heal faster. If you know you are having a c section delivery, do the smart thing and get your recovery belt in advance so you can take it with you to the hospital.